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Drill is a common theme across all of the Services, with all CCF cadets learning how to march, carry our ceremonial duties, and stand smartly on parade.

It might not sound as exciting as sailing a yacht, or shooting a rifle – but there are some aspects of drill which might surprise you! The feeling of working as a team to complete a tricky drill sequence can be very satisfying, and you never know quite where you might be asked to parade. Each year cadets from the CCF join forces with other cadet groups from around the UK to parade at the Cenotaph and at the Royal Albert Hall, as part of the Festival of Remembrance. Others have paraded at St Paul’s Cathedral, Horse Guards Parade for Beating the Retreat, and the Lord Mayor’s Show in London, and these are just a tiny example of a few of the important ceremonial duties the CCF has undertaken.

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Although each of the Services does drill in a slightly different way, there are some common aspects to the training, and many shared benefits. Cadets can enjoy the feeling of working together to complete a shared aim, and get to work at something which requires logic, discipline, listening skills, and concentration.

As cadets move up the NCO ranks, they will have the opportunity to lead a group of cadets in performing a drill sequence, building their confidence, leadership and ability to control a group. There may also be the chance for cadets to take part in ceremonial band duties, playing their instruments on formal parades.

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