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The Army

The CCF Army (CCF(A)) is the Army section of the Combined Cadet Force. Across the whole of the Army Cadets there are approximately 67,700 Cadets and 11,100 Adult Volunteers. The CCF(A) sections account for almost half of these cadet figures with a total of 31,470 cadets and 2,100 supporting Adult Volunteers based at contingents, as at 01 Apr 21 within 405 schools across the UK.

The CCF Army (CCF(A)) aims to set young people up for life long success and inspire cadets to achieve. Promote the qualities of responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness and a sense of service to the community. Activities include; drill, skill at arms, shooting, fieldcraft, first aid and adventurous training. By joining the CCF(A) cadets also have the opportunity to get involved with volunteer and charitable work in the community and to gain nationally recognised qualifications such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s award and BTECs.

Joining the CCF(A) provides a wonderful and unique opportunity to take part in exciting Army themed training activities and events, all of which focus on building the cadets; courage, self-discipline, respect for others, integrity, loyalty and commitment as well as developing effective communication skills, confidence, being part of a team with a winning spirit and a sense of pride and achievement. As a youth organisation, the CCF(A) strives to give cadets a fun, enjoyable experience in a totally safe environment. There is no commitment or expectation on cadets to join the regular Armed Forces when they have completed their schooling


The CCF(A) syllabus will be reviewed within the next 12 months to ensure it remains exciting, fun and achievable for all cadets.