The Combined Cadet Force Association (CCFA) is the champion for the Combined Cadet Force (CCF). The CCFA does all in its power to promote and represent the CCF in order to ensure its continued wellbeing for the benefit of present and future cadets and their adult volunteers. Membership of the CCFA is open to all CCF contingents.

Membership Benefits

The CCFA provides its members special access to:


  • CCFA is committed to upholding the values and ideals of the CCF. On this basis we advise the MOD, Single Services and headteachers’ organisations on CCF matters. Giving voice to our members at a national level on the issues that matter to them is one of the most important things your Association can do for your Contingent.
  • A CCF Contingent Commander represents each region at CCFA board meetings with representatives from the MOD and Single Services. This gives you the opportunity to have a direct voice through your regional representative. If you are unaware of your regional representative please contact the CCFA via the details provided within this document.
  • CCFA also provides a point of contact with other CCF stakeholders including CVQO, St John Ambulance, the Council for Cadet Rifle Shooting and others.

Information and advice:

  • Advice is available to all CCF Contingent Commanders through your representative trustee or the Chief Executive of CCFA.

CCF Insurance Schemes:

  • CCF Personal Accident Insurance and Contingent Public Liability. The cover includes accidents that happen during all authorised cadet activity and operates independently from the MOD Liability; the Contingent could claim on both independently. The cover also extends to include accidents on the way to your CCF place of duty.
  • CFAVs in a brigade or national appointment can also take out this insurance. For further information please email
  • CCF Travel Insurance. This insurance is specifically tailored to the CCF and includes all authorised activity. It is purchased through CCFA on a per trip basis. If you want to undertake an activity that is not on the Cadet DIN you must contact the CCFA Insurance Administrator and get it added to the policy (there may be an excess for this service). Some specific inclusions are:
    • A reduced excess of £40
    • Search and Rescue cover
    • The use of sporting guns for authorised cadet shooting.

Legal Expenses:

  • This service is available to any serving CCF CFAVs free of charge in a member contingent. Once a CFAV has left the CCF they are no longer covered. The policy includes:
    • A 24 hour legal helpline: 0345 293 0695. Calling this number will either get a solicitor to call you in working hours or, out of working hours, will get you directly through to a duty solicitor.
    • Cover for offences against the person: These are commonly safeguarding accusations.
    • Arrest Assistance: Up to a value of £1,000 for any one claim. No excess.
    • Criminal Prosecution: Up to a value of £100,000 for any one claim. A £1,000 excess applies.
    • Inquest Representation: Up to a value of £100,000 for any one claim. A £1,000 excess applies.


CCFA offers a range of funding support to member CCFs with programmes changing over time. Current grant programmes include:

  • CCFA Small Grants Programme. Individual grants of up to £350; it directly supports individual cadets to enable them to take part in activities not ordinarily funded by their individual CCF Contingent, e.g. providing basic equipment, overseas expeditions and advanced level training courses.
  • CCFA Group Activity Grant Programme. Group grants of up to £750; it directly supports group activities led by the CCF Contingent, e.g. expeditions, battlefield tours and adventurous activities.



  • Provides a UK-wide forum for the CCF and their schools.
  • Hosts an AGM which is open to all members and provides ideal opportunities to network with other members and key CCF stakeholders.


  • CCFA strives to ensure that cadets are recognised nationally for the outstanding contributions they so often make to society, for example, that those cadets delivering first aid in the community are nominated for St John Ambulance Everyday Heroes Awards.

Rights and Obligations:

  • CCF contingents with CCFA Membership gain a wide range of membership benefits, particularly access to advice, support, grants, training, and representation. As a formal member of the charity they also have certain rights and obligations.
  • Members are entitled to require the Trustees to call a general meeting (this requires: at least 10% of members. If more than 12 months has elapsed since the last general meeting, then only 5% of members are required). Members are entitled to vote at General Meetings and may appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf.
  • Members are obliged, should the charity be dissolved, to contribute a maximum of £1 towards the payment of the debts and liabilities of the Charity incurred before they cease to be a member, and of the costs charges and expenses of winding up. This applies to all members until twelve months after they cease to be a member.

Membership Costs

CCFA Contingent Membership:

  • In order to take advantage of the membership benefits listed above there is an annual cost to CCF Contingents. CCF Contingents will be placed in either of the following categories;
    • Band A – CCF Contingents with a UIN – Cost changes WEF 1st January 2020. This cost has been simplified to a flat rate fee of £50 per annum (January to December).
    • Band B – Junior Partners – Cost changes WEF 1st January 2020. This cost has been simplified to a flat rate fee of £10 per annum (January to December).

All invoices will be charged to the Main CCF Contingent on behalf of any Junior Partners. Any dispute of charges can be discussed in-house by the Schools themselves.

Contact Information

For membership payments and other queries please contact:

Miss Lara Henwood 0207 426 8371