Contingent Growth Fund

In conjunction with the Ministry of Defence, the CCFA has established a new fund to help new and existing CCF Contingents grow their cadet numbers and to give many more children the opportunity to take part in the cadet experience. This is in support of the Government’s ambition to increase the number of cadets in school units to 60,000 by 2024.

CCF Contingents can apply to the Contingent Growth Fund for grants to either:

  1. Help them to sustain an unexpected growth of their contingent that has already happened; or
  2. Support their future plans to increase the size of their cadet contingents.

Applications must clearly show the plans for the growth or sustainment of the contingent, including:

  1. How you intend to attract new cadets and how this growth will be sustained.
  2. How the unit will recruit, develop and retain sufficient Adult Volunteers to match intended cadet growth.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Your contingent must be an open CCF Contingent operating within the United Kingdom.
  2. Your contingent must be a member of the CCFA.

What can you apply for?

Grants up to the following maximum amounts will be made:

  • Infrastructure Category – £10,000 in support of an infrastructure project for the CCF contingent, on condition that the school must also contribute at least 20% towards the total cost. Contingents are strongly advised to contact their SCEO for advice and support before applying.

- Or -

  • Other Category – £5,000 for any other suitable expenditure which supports the CCF contingent (see below for examples).

Please note that only one grant can be applied for at anytime; you cannot apply for funds in both categories. If your application is successful you may not usually reapply for a further 12 months. If your application is unsuccessful you can reapply at anytime.

In exceptional circumstances, where contingents have received a grant but did not request the full funds available (£10,000 for Infrastructure Category or £5,000 for Other Category), CCFA may permit them to reapply within the 12 month grant period. To be considered, the additional request must be for the same category of grant and within the same grant period. For example, the additional funds could be used to complete the already funded project covering unforeseen costs, or for the training of adult volunteers. The combined amount shall not exceed £10,000 for Infrastructure Category or £5,000 for Other Category.

Once a grant is awarded, contingents will normally have 12 months within which time the infrastructure project must be completed, or the funding spent. Any extension to that period will need to be agreed in writing in advance.

How to apply

Once you have decided to apply, please contact your SCEO for advice and support before making the application. It is a requirement that the SCEOs are consulted prior to submission. Please note that any application without the approval from the SCEO will not be assessed.

Applications will be accepted with the following deadlines in 2024:

  • 9am, Friday 9 February
  • 9am, Friday 10 May
  • 9am, Friday 21 June

To apply, please complete the application form and email to

Your responsibilities if you receive a grant

  • You will need to spend the grant on the purpose for which it is granted (which might be all or part of what you applied for) within the timeframe awarded
  • You will need to report back to confirm the funds have been spent properly
  • As the purpose of the fund is to increase the size of the cadet contingent, you will be required to confirm you are meeting your plans for growth
  • You must also send in a short report describing the impact that the funding has had on your contingent and, where appropriate, the local community and any particular individual cadets who have benefitted as a result

The exact conditions of your grant will be explained in your grant award letter should your application be successful.

The CCFA reserves the right to withdraw a grant or to recover and reallocate items of equipment which have been purchased using grant funding should a school close its CCF contingent.

What can you apply for?

It is expected that you will identify the support needed to achieve your ambition for the growth of your contingent. This might include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • The development of CCF facilities, including new infrastructure or the improvement of existing infrastructure.
  • Recruitment and training of adult volunteers – costs related to supply cover to enable teachers to undertake training and attend cadet courses during term time.
  • Provision of additional equipment for CCF activities, for example:
    • Equipment over and above that provided by the single Services.
    • Boots for cadets (only where evidence of high deprivation can be provided)
    • Command task equipment
    • STEM kits
  • Specific Land, Air and Sea items and equipment to enhance training and the capacity of adult volunteers to deliver the cadet experience in these activity areas (your SCEO can advise).
  • Marketing, e.g. the production of videos and other promotional material to heighten awareness of the unit in the school and the wider community, and to support cadet and adult volunteer recruitment.

You must demonstrate value for money in your application; this could be by reference to your school procurement policy.

Ineligible projects

Each application will be assessed on its own merits; however, the following are unlikely to be approved:

  • Training courses that are available at no cost through cadet channels.
  • Travel and subsistence costs.
  • School Staff Instructor and other staff costs.
  • General day-to-day running costs of the CCF.
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award licenses.
  • Applications which should be made to a different CCFA grant programme.
    • For Individual cadet support, including hardship support, applications can be made to the Small Grants Fund
    • For CCF Activity grants, applications can be made to the Group Activity Fund.

Making changes

If you are successful in your grant application, the funds will have been awarded for the specific activities / items detailed within this application. If during the grant period you would like to change the use of the grant then this MUST be agreed with the CCFA in writing in advance of any purchases.

It should be noted that the CCFA reserves the right to request the return of any grant unspent after the end of the grant period, or any grant that has been used for a purpose other than that previously approved in writing.

Questions and support

Support in making an application can be sought from your SCEO who will provide advice and guidance and discuss your plans for growth. SCEOs will consult with the single Service (Navy, Army or RAF) cadet organisations as appropriate.

Alternatively, questions can be sent to