Success stories so far

Since 2012, 100 new cadet units have been introduced to state schools in England. In 2015, the second round of the Cadet Expansion started - this time including schools around the UK. The Government aim to have a total of 500 cadet units in schools by 2020. 

Much research has been carried out on the benefits to schools of having a cadet unit in school. Schools which historically have cadet units strongly value them and the role they play in the life of young people, the school and the local community. They see the CCF as life changing for young people and value it over and above other school activities.  Young people learn a range of practical skills as well as communication, independence and leadership skills, together with a heightened sense of community and the benefits of team work. Cadet units in schools provide unique opportunities for young people to develop additional skills and qualifications, with many cadets using their cadet training to contribute to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme, and other qualifications which strengthen their CV.