Victoria College CCF wins Jersey Joint Services shooting competition

Posted on December 07, 2017

Victoria Ccf 1

On Tuesday 5 December, teams of cadets from across Jersey’s cadet forces gathered at Victoria College’s indoor range for the annual Le Brun Shield Small Bore Competition.

The event was keenly contested and the teams of eight were reported to have shot well across the Grouping, Deliberate, Snap and Rapid practices.    

This year also had he added twist of using the newly issued L144-A1 Cadet Small Bore Target Rifles, following the retirement of the venerable No.8 Lee Enfield’s.

Once the scores were in, there was a tie for best shot between Victoria College CCF Cadets Jack and George, both scoring the highest possible of 70/70. Jack was declared the winner on count back to the grouping size and collected the Le Brun Cup.

In the inter-unit competition for the Le Brun Shield the CCF were declared the winners and Shooting Captain Thomas collected the trophy from the chairperson of the Jersey Joint Services Cadet Committee, Flt Lt Atherton.