CFAV Assistance Request CCF Central Camp 2019

Posted on January 23, 2019

LONDIST requires volunteers to assist with the running of CCF Central camp 2019, which will take place at SMP Camp Folkestone between 29 June to 20 July 2019.

The camp will run as three 1-week packages and volunteers' attendance can be tailored to fit individual requirements and skill sets within the following dates: weekly packages 29 June - 6 July, 6 -13 July, 13 - 20 July. Individuals must be available to attend one week as a minimum. The camp programme is based on SAA, Full Bore ranges, AT and low level tactics. There are a number of positions available from Safety Supervisor on ranges to administration. All applications will be considered and individuals will be allocated tasks in line with their skills and qualifications. VA's are available from the LONDIST allocation and will have no impact on Sector/County budgets (but will fall within an individual's 50 VA maximum). Applications should be sent to LONDIST OC CTT at by 1 March 2019.