Additional Deadlines Announced for 2023

Are you looking to grow the number of your CCF cadets? Or do you need funding to help improve your contingent? The Contingent Growth Fund grants programme can be your answer.

Additional Deadlines Announced for 2023

11 November 2022

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The Combined Cadet Force Association’s Contingent Growth Fund was launched in 2022 in conjunction with the Ministry of Defence. The aim of the programme is to help new and existing CCF contingents to expand their cadet numbers in support of the Government’s ambition to increase the number of cadets in schools to 60,000 by 2024.

If you need funding to help grow your cadet and adult volunteer numbers, sustain your established contingent or to simply give more young people the chance to participate in an exhilarating cadet experience, then the grants programme will give you a perfect opportunity to achieve your goals.

Since the launch, 85 CCF contingents have been awarded grants with a combined total of more than £510,000.

In addition to the last round of 2022, the CCF Association have added three more rounds for 2023 with the following deadlines:

    • 9am, Friday 25 November 2022
    • 9am, Friday 10 February 2023
    • 9am, Friday 5 May 2023
    • 9am, Friday 23 June 2023

"We would like to thank the CCFA for this amazing opportunity to help develop the Cadet Experience here at Downside."

David Pollard (School Staff Instructor, Downside School)

Grants up to the following amounts will be awarded to successful applications:

Up to £10,000 are available for infrastructure projects such as improvement of CCF facilities e.g. classroom, office, storage space, ISO container for additional space, fencing, fieldcraft and outdoor training grounds, electrical work, IT network instalment.

Up to £5,000 are available for expenditure such as the purchase of STEM kits, command task equipment, archery kits, paintball sets, laser tag kits, sleeping bags, safety equipment, air land and sea specific equipment, promotional materials or funding activities not ordinarily be funded by the Chain of Command such as additional staff training courses and AT activities.

You can find more information about eligibility and how to apply from our funding opportunities page and seek advice from your Schools Cadet Expansion Officer.


"Thank you so much for accepting our application, the growing number of cadets in both our school and Denefield will benefit enormously!"

Craig Wiles (Contingent Commander, Pangbourne College)