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Assistant Chief of Defence Staff inspects cadets at former school

Assistant Chief of Defence Staff (Reserves & Cadets), Major General Marc Overton, recently visited his former school, The King’s School, Canterbury, CCF to conduct its Biennial Inspection.

Assistant Chief of Defence Staff inspects cadets at former school

22 June 2023

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Major General Overton visited the cadets during their summer fieldcraft exercise. He watched cadets face several challenges required to pass their CCF fieldcraft syllabus.

Camouflage & concealment, target indication and stalk skills were all tested using laser taggers, while an exciting night exercise assessed night movement and navigation. The cadets also demonstrated their tactical skills in a section attack using blank ammunition and pyrotechnics.

Major General Overton was the Cadet RSM at the King’s School in 1988.

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Major General Overton meets the Cadets.

He was joined by another former pupil of the school, Colonel Jeremy Bagshaw, Chief of Staff, London District, who acted as ADC for the inspection.

The visit comes on the seventy-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) in 1948.

Major General Overton commented: “It was great to visit my old CCF unit during the CCF 75th anniversary year. Despite the poor weather morale was high and it is clear the unit is thriving offering high quality, engaging and innovative training for the cadets.”

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Colonel Bagshaw admires a Laser System.

Cdt Pani Cochrane said: “During the exercise we used all the skills that we have been taught so far in CCF. Although the weather was not the best over the two days, everyone enjoyed themselves and tried really hard with all the activities.

“We got to fire our very first blank rounds, and I know that everyone loved it. The section attack was tough, but it was an amazing experience and it was incredible being able to lead it.”

Major Alistair Goddard, the school’s Contingent Commander, commented: “It was an honour to host Major General Overton and Colonel Bagshaw for our inspection in this anniversary year of the CCF.

“Developing young people by encouraging them out of their comfort zones has clearly been central to the cadet experience across generations.

“With such distinguished observers, I was proud in the exemplary standards the cadets demonstrated across training”.