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After many months of Covid-19 restrictions, BRNC Dartmouth opened its doors to CCF Royal Navy Officers to complete Basic and Advanced training.


9 November 2021

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The doors to BRNC Dartmouth finally re-opened on Monday 17 October 2021 to welcome 10 CFAVs from the UK onto the CCF Section Commanders’ Course. The 5-day course included updates on all aspects of CCF RN including revised HQ policies and the new Cadet Syllabus Training Programme, due to be introduced in mid-2022. The course seeks to update all CFAVs with all the information that they need to help them run the RN Section in their Contingent.

No sooner had the newly-qualified Section Commanders departed, than 48 new CFAVs arrived to complete the Officers’ Initial Course. Routinely this course is 24-strong but with a pandemic-induced backlog of Courses and with an impressively keen number of CFAVs, the course was ‘doubled up’. Despite the inevitable logistical challenges this represented, morale was high and everyone agreed that a larger course made for better interaction, with lots of networking opportunities among the CFAVs.

During a busy week, CFAVs were put through their paces on the Parade Ground learning drill, and enjoyed a Fireside Chat in the Wardroom with both the Captain and the Commander, BRNC as well as meeting the new CCF CO, Cdr Philippa Edge. Time out of the classroom was equally valuable, including a highly enjoyable day on the river at Sandquay and a tour of the training ship, Hindustan, as well as an afternoon doing PLTs around the College grounds, fully supported throughout by CCF Area Instructors.

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The CFAVs rounded off their week with a Passing Out Parade. The salute was taken by the Captain of BRNC Dartmouth, Captain Roger Readwin, who also presented them with their commissioning certificates on the hallowed College Quarterdeck, followed by an inspirational speech.

Without a doubt, the message is: the CCF are back, with training at all levels from Cadets on Hindustan Weekends, to staff CFAVs gaining all the key experience that they need to support CCF RN Sections in schools.