Cadet Team from Caterham School posing with their weapons

Cadet Cambrian Patrol 2024

The Cadet Cambrian Patrol, the UK's premier cadet patrolling event hosted by the cadet training team in Wales, took place from 17 to 19 May 2024.

Cadet Cambrian Patrol 2024

28 May 2024

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The Cadet Cambrian Patrol, the UK's premier cadet patrolling event hosted by the cadet training team in Wales, took place from 17 to 19 May 2024. This year's event saw teams from across the UK, representing the Army Cadets from the Army Cadet Force (ACF) and the Combined Cadet Force (CCF), participating in a gruelling two-day exercise designed to test their physical and mental endurance.

A Challenging Two-Day Exercise

During the event, each patrol team of eight cadets navigated approximately 25 kilometres of challenging terrain. This demanding exercise required them to move with only remote supervision from one stand to another, completing various tasks designed to confirm and test their knowledge of the Army Cadet Syllabus (ACS). The teams aimed to achieve a gold, silver, bronze, or certificate standard based on their performance.

Testing Skills and Knowledge

The stands included a variety of challenging tasks such as First Aid, Casualty Evacuation (Casevac), section defence, section attacks, orders/models, Communications and Information Systems (CIS), and Observation Posts (OPs). These tasks tested the cadets' skills in navigation, physical fitness, first aid, fieldcraft and tactics, teamwork, and leadership.

Outstanding Achievements

One of the standout moments of the event was Caterham School CCF's remarkable achievement. They were awarded the coveted Gold standard in their first-ever participation in the Cadet Cambrian Patrol. This is a testament to the high level of preparation and skill displayed by the cadets from Caterham School.

Additionally, Cadet Company Sergeant Major (CSM) Sam Gill was awarded Best Patrol Commander. This is the only individual award given at the Cadet Cambrian Patrol and recognises outstanding leadership and performance. CSM Gill, who recently turned 17 and passed his Master Cadet last summer, demonstrated exceptional command and control throughout the exercise.

Other results were the following:

Gold awards:

  • C11C Sevenoaks CCF
  • A22A Barnard Castle CCF
  • A61A Caterham School CCF

Silver awards:

Bronze awards:


Skills and Experience

The Cadet Cambrian Patrol is designed to allow all cadets to participate in an unsupervised patrol exercise where they can be tested the Army Cadet Syllabus (ACS). These subjects include leadership, navigation, and fieldcraft skills within a tactical scenario. The exercise not only tests their knowledge but also enhances their practical application of these skills in challenging conditions.

The Importance of the Cadet Cambrian Patrol

Events like the Cadet Cambrian Patrol are crucial in developing the next generation of leaders. The rigorous nature of the event helps build resilience, teamwork, and leadership qualities in cadets. It offers them a unique opportunity to put their training into practice in a realistic and demanding environment.

Through this experience, cadets learn valuable life skills that go beyond military training. They gain confidence in their abilities, learn to work effectively as part of a team, and develop a sense of responsibility and leadership. These skills are essential for their cadet careers and invaluable for their future personal and professional lives.

A Resounding Success

The Cadet Cambrian Patrol 2024 was a resounding success, showcasing cadets' dedication, skill, and resilience across the UK. The achievements highlight the cadet forces' high standards of training and excellence. As the cadets return to their units, they bring back not only accolades but also enhanced skills and invaluable experiences that will benefit them for years to come.

Caterham School CCF team at the Cambrian Patrol

Caterham School CCF team at the Cambrian Patrol

Caterham school posing with flag

CCF Caterham participating in the Cambrian Patrol

Gold medal winners showing off their medals at Caterham School CCF

Gold medal winners - Caterham School