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Cadets help save a life

Two cadets from Longhill CCF have proved just how valuable their cadet training is.

Today, Wednesday, Sgts Oakleigh Murphy and Cpl Ezme Tiley sprang into action when they saw a man in Brighton who had fallen over – and helped to save his life.

Cadets help save a life

3 May 2018

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“We had both just got off the bus when we saw a man who looked like he had fallen, so we helped him up to see if he was okay. He was saying he wanted to go home, but he was in a lot of pain and reaching for his chest.

Straight away we were concerned and advised him to have a seat. He insisted he wanted to go home, so as we agreed to walk with him his legs started swaying and shaking. Moments later he collapsed towards the floor.

As we were next to him, we managed to help him to the ground. Using what we had been taught and practiced, we carried out all the first aid drills instinctively; checking breathing, his response and everything.

While one of us carried this out, the other called the ambulance and informed the operator of our location, etc... we had already found out all she need to know and she seemed very impressed!

We waited with the man, reassuring him until the ambulance arrived; they got to us in an impressive four minutes! We were relieved that they were there to now help him."

Capt Tester, Training Officer at Longhill School CCF, said: “Both Maj Pringle and I are so very proud of our cadets every time we have a parade evening or a camp But it is times like this that make all the planning we conduct, all the training that cadets undertake and the development of their life skills worthwhile.

Well done girls, you are both amazing role models to the cadets beneath you and to all of us.”