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Cadets visit submarine defence ship HMS SOMERSET

Naval cadets from the Duke of York’s Royal Military School experienced life aboard submarine defence ship HMS Somerset while it was moored at Dover as part of the 100th anniversary Zeebrugge Raid Commemorations.

Cadets visit submarine defence ship HMS SOMERSET

11 May 2018

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They saw first-hand what life is like on an active warship from sleeping and dining conditions to radar and navigation operations. Cadets were also able to talk to serving naval crew, try on combat protective gear and sit in the Captain’s Chair.

Prior to the visit, HMS Somerset had sailed from Belgium after taking part in ceremonies to honour those killed and wounded during the Royal Navy’s attack on Zeebrugge a century ago to stop German submarines wreaking havoc among allied shipping. A detachment also took part in the Dover commemorations on April 23 alongside students from the military school.

The Dover school’s Combined Cadet Force is one of the largest in the country with British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force sections. It gives students the excitement and challenges of expeditions that test their team-building and leadership skills.

Teacher Anne Ryder, commander of the school’s naval contingent and a Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, said: “It was a real privilege for our cadets to see the conditions and facilities on a combat-ready ship and to meet its highly-trained crew who gave a real insight into life onboard. This was such a rare opportunity and we are thankful to HMS Somerset.”