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CFAVs share their Army Basic course experiences

For new adult instructors, yet to do their basic Army training, have a look at this new video produced to show you what to expect from this essential training opportunity.

CFAVs share their Army Basic course experiences

17 October 2017

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The CCF Army Basic course at Frimley Park is an ideal foundation for instructors to equip themselves with the tools they need to run activities with cadets.

Six times a year the National Cadet Training Centre at Frimley Park hosts the CCF Basic course. New CCF instructors from around the country come together for six days to share experiences and develop the key skills they will need in the CCF.

Whilst the opportunity might be daunting for some, the permanent staff at Frimley Park do everything possible to give prospective students a relaxed, supportive and friendly environment to learn the skills they need.

Here’s an insight into a recent course and what you can expect out of a brilliant six days at CTC Frimley.

Any CCF (ARMY) adult volunteers who are interested in attending the course should speak with their contingent commander. New CFAVs are required to complete this basic training within two years of joining.

For more on the course, you can read the CCF magazine feature, published in the summer 2017 edition.