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Exeter School CCF Field Day

A group of ten Lower Sixth Navy cadets from Exeter School CCF spent their recent Field Day at Haven Banks Outdoor Education Centre.

Exeter School CCF Field Day

24 October 2017

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The majority of the day was a series of water-based activities.

Raft building was the first challenge of the day, with the group splitting into two teams of five before proceeding to design and construct their rafts, equipped with barrels, ropes, planks and plenty of optimism.

Both rafts stayed afloat and stubbornly refused to disintegrate, much to the disappointment of the gathering crowd of spectators down at the quay.

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The cadets then embarked on a series of teambuilding exercises which tested their communication skills; their trust in their fellow Exeter School pupils; and their ability to work together to memorise an impossibly long sequence of numbers.

After these mental exertions and the chance to refuel at lunchtime, the cadets were ready and keen to get back out onto the water, taking to their kayaks for the final session of the day.

Everyone returned safe, dry and very contented after an enjoyable day of activities.

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