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First CCF(RAF) Graduates Receive New Queen’s CFAV Commission

The CCF (RAF) newest Pilot Officers are some of the first to receive the new Cadet Forces Commission.

First CCF(RAF) Graduates Receive New Queen’s CFAV Commission

5 December 2017

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On 1 December 2017 most VR(T) commissioned officers in the CCF (RAF) and RAF Air Cadets were moved on to the new Cadet Forces Commission.

The new commission, which was approved by The Queen, acknowledges the role of Cadet Force Adult Volunteers across all three services within the CCF and in the RAF Air Cadets, Army Cadet Force and the Sea Cadets.

By coincidence, the first graduation for fifteen new officers for the CCF (RAF) and RAF Air Cadets fell on 1 December, meaning each new graduating officer could wear the new RAFAC insignia for the first time.

Each CFAV on the course received their commissioning scroll from the reviewing officer Commandant Air Cadets, Air Commodore McCafferty.

Charlotte Wilde and Charlotte Smith both work with CCF(RAF) cadet units and were excited to have graduated and are looking forward to taking their freshly learned skills back to their contingents.

Charlotte Wilde said: “It’s just really exciting, we didn’t know anything beforehand and this is the first time the new commission has been awarded so we’re just really excited to be part of the organisation and to be about to help out the young people at our cadet unit.

Charlotte Smith said: “I’m one of the first officers at my school and now that I’m representing the RAF I’m really excited to go back and wear my stripes and encourage the ethos that we have been taught this week.”

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(pictured left to right) Pilot Officers Jon Dawson, Charlotte Wilde, Air Commodore McCafferty, Charlotte Smith and Damien English