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Gordon's School: Ten Tors Report

It all starts with a simple choice. The choice to exit this monotonous school life and push yourself to the max. Most turn down the offer, but some ‘crazy’ people like us decide to go for it.

Gordon's School: Ten Tors Report

26 May 2022

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We started our training in January 2022. It was commonly known as EMT, which stands for: Early Morning Training. The first challenge was the early start. We were ordered to wake up at roughly 6am three times a week to get to school for 7am and begin our session. These lasted for 45 minutes and mostly consisted of the famous ‘1-minute fast lap’ around the parade square which will forever remembered. These 3 months were full of pain, blood and sweat. Leaving you feeling like throwing up after each session, but ultimately paid off in the long term.

After the episode of our initial physical training, the true test began. This involved the journey down to Dartmoor, including 22 keen students, equally attempting to gain a place in the official Ten Tors team.

We spent 4 days down in this unique area and spent most days walking and sleeping in tents overnight. The true focus of this practice was to assess the candidate's skills on the job. This branched out from just physical fitness and considered attributes such as practicality and congenial behaviour.

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Members of the Gordon's Ten Tors team

After 4 days of successful navigation around the moor, and many memories made, it was time to decide who was really up for the challenge. It was a truly tough decision, but the 12 members were decided.

With all our training now completed, the real expedition approached swiftly. Our optimal fitness was maintained as we eagerly waited for our second trip down to Dartmoor.

Upon arrival it was obvious something about this event was truly special. It was a rare occasion to see so many tents in one beautiful area, and the abundance of teenagers was overwhelming. The atmosphere of the campsite was exciting and joyous, with many new friends made.

The real event is ultimately too long to describe in much detail, but it’s safe to say the experience was absolutely unforgettable. It was exciting and entertaining, and it made you feel part of something great. The event came with extreme learning curves and will undoubtedly influence our future. It certainly had its ups and downs on everyone’s part, but I know most of the memories made were positive.