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Lancing College pupils enjoy Air Experience Flight day

Last month, eleven CCF cadets from Lancing College’s long-standing cadet programme, visited a test site in Boscombe Down to experience RAF life.

Lancing College pupils enjoy Air Experience Flight day

8 February 2018

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The day was led by military pilots, who used their expertise to teach formal training procedures.

Commenting on the day, accompanying staff member Mr Coakes said: “Our CCF cadets thoroughly enjoyed their AEF day.

“Every cadet came back to earth with an enormous smile on their face and so it was a hugely rewarding experience all round.

“For some it was their third flight and perhaps the start of something bigger in their future.”

Lancing College CCF pupils 1 1

Cadet Insight

An Upper Sixth Former pupil gives his account of this fantastic experience:

“Our plane of choice for the day was the Grob Tutor - a small single piston engine plane that has aerobatic capabilities.

Before setting off, we were kitted out with parachutes and helmets. Soon after, we were given the exhilarating opportunity to fly the plane.

Once in the air, the pilot asked us: ‘Would you like to attempt some aerobatics?’ Enthused, we all agreed, and the pilot began to increase the speed, before suddenly heading nose down, when the airspeed needle came to life.

He pulled the stick back and we started to climb again, this time inverted, as we completed the loop. During this stunt, we did several barrel rolls, and a stall turn.

After some exciting but slightly queasy flying, we flew back to the airfield. In addition to learning the basics of airmanship, we were shown how to jump out of a plane in case of an emergency.

Fortunately, we didn’t have to put our training into practice for this particular lesson, but it is useful to know.”