RBL 30hr Challenge for Reddam House Berkshire CCF

The life changing and life affirming work of the Royal British Legion is something that resonates within many of the Reddam House Berkshire Combined Cadet Force, a whole school co-curricular activity. Following on from the success of last years “Walk to Pegasus,” we decided to challenge mind, body, and soul again for the good people at the RBL with our “30 Hour Challenge.”

RBL 30hr Challenge for Reddam House Berkshire CCF

18 November 2021

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Starting after the moving Remembrance Day service, the first patrol complete with rifle and Bergan boldly stepped out. Guided by Major Hobbs, Captain Graham, AUO Kirwan and Lt Hill the patrols would not cease until 1600 on Friday.


During this time the students managed to complete 34 laps of some 67 miles around the school site gaining 1377 vertical meters. An ambitious JustGiving target of £2500 was eventually met and then surpassed (currently standing £3451 (£4151 with Gift Aid) thanks to the generous support of the Reddam House community.

There were a surprising number of highs from such a punishing challenge. These included some nighttime singing, the deep reservoir of surprisingly strong mints hidden in Mr Towse’s pockets, Mrs Holsgrove-Jones and Mrs Towse willingness to patrol through the mud with the Cadets and Mr Hill was heard to remark on several occasions just how good the homemade cookies and flapjacks were! Despite many feeling decidedly lacking in sleep, Captain Graham and Major Hobbs were devastated to learn they hadn’t broken the Guinness World Record for volume achieved whilst tandem snoring – it certainly wasn’t from lack of effort!

The final lap saw our Cadets greeted and cheered on as they finished on South Terrace in front of Dr Milner and the senior school.

Thank you to all of our amazing Cadets for the effort and fortitude they displayed throughout. Especial thanks also to parents, teachers and students for the moral and financial support provided.


Following on from the 30 Hour Challenge, many of the Reddam House CCF were once again on Parade at Arborfield on Sunday to pay respect as Remembrance Day was officially observed. Marching down the closed road with so many veterans of conflicts and peacekeeping missions from across the globe was an honour and privilege not soon forgotten. This was a strictly voluntary parade but our Cadets did us proud with their military knowledge, ability to perform drill in front of a sizable crowd and their willingness to participate in an occasion near the heart of British citizenship, culture and heritage.

Swift and Bold

“The 30-hour walk was extremely difficult, especially having to wake up throughout the night to walk. What made it so special was the teamwork, perseverance and dedication from everyone participating. The walks were filled with music and laughter, and everyone tried their heart out for the cause. I am so pleased about the money we raised for the amazing charity of The Royal British Legion.”

Rfn Daisy Sibon