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Reigate CCF Cadet Named First Sea Lord Cadet

Friday 29 January 2021 - The day PO Cadet Esther W. became First Sea Lord Cadet

Reigate CCF Cadet Named First Sea Lord Cadet

25 February 2021

  • Royal Navy
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Among thousands of Cadets in the country, PO Cadet Esther W. was nominated to become one of the eleven Cadets members of the First Sea Lord Board, a first in our school’s recent history. In the build up to her investiture, it was so nice to see Esther smiling when hearing Cdr Gavin MacDougall reading out the events, she may be able to attend in the future.

  • Being Guest of honour on a passing out parade at HMS Raleigh
  • Having Lunch with the 1st Sea Lord
  • Visiting No 10 Downing Street
  • Spending a day on a warship, joining a war simulator, doing battle control, and firefighting, for a 12-hour day

We witnessed an even brighter smile when the First Sea Lord (Admiral Tony Radakin) addressed Esther directly to congratulate her. Here are the First Sea Lord’s words:

“Esther, well done for being somebody that is so clearly willing to help others and willing to lead others. There is something fundamental about having the confidence to put yourself forward because sometimes that means that you are in the firing line.

But, actually, we need leaders at every level and we need leaders all the way through our country, all the way through this amazing nation, and for our society. The fact that you are also stepping forward and are willing to help others is very special. I think we have heard from many people today, that sometimes it can be draining but other times it gives you energy. I hope that that is what you are starting to understand, that helping others can be incredibly fulfilling.

And well done also on the corps of drums. It is so impressive. The speed at which people do it and the fact that it never seems to go wrong amazes me. Again, it takes real skills and attributes. Esther well done for all that you are achieving and congratulations.”

We would therefore like to congratulate Esther once more and we are looking forward to welcoming WORN WO1 Steedman, the most senior Non Commissioned Officer currently serving in the Royal Navy, on one of our Parade at school.