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Thomas Deacon Academy marks Armistice Day

Earlier this month Thomas Deacon Academy CCF marked Armistice Day with their tenth service since the unit was formed.

Thomas Deacon Academy marks Armistice Day

27 November 2017

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On Friday 10 November, more than 2,300 students stood alongside the schools Army and RAF CCF sections in silence to remember the fallen.

The Academy also welcomed a special guest, Peter Goodale, the oldest known surviving Deaconian and former British Army Bomb Leader.

As the clock approached 11am, the students gathered on the balconies of the Academy as the last post signified the start of a two-minute silence to pay respect to the fallen.

As the Academy fell silent, poppies floated down from the bridge to the Atrium floor where the colour party lowered their flags. Head boy, Arslaan Amjad and Head girl Madiyah Hussain proceeded to read the names of the war heroes known to have attended Deacons during their schools days, before laying the wreath at the lectern.

In a first for the Academy, the service was live-streamed to the Junior Academy and the school’s social media followers; enabling everyone to take part in the special event

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Mr Walls, Principal, said: “The Combined Cadet Force plays a vital role in the success of Thomas Deacon Academy. Our cadets gain invaluable knowledge, experience and skills that help prepare them for learning and leadership in their future lives.

“Our annual Remembrance Service is one example of the way in which our cadets lead our school community. This year’s Remembrance Service was as poignant and thought-provoking as ever. I am very grateful to all of the CCF staff and students involved in making this year so memorable.”

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