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Wellingborough School cadets inspired by new Army officers

Three senior cadets from Wellingborough CCF had an insight into life as an Army officer during a recent trip to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Wellingborough School cadets inspired by new Army officers

24 April 2018

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The Army section cadets were invited by the Commandant to join the Senior Division at their passing out parade – an opportunity only afforded to senior cadets from the Army’s cadet forces three times a year.

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During the two-day visit the cadets had the chance to take part in a tour around the Academy, learning about some of the more famous trivia that litters the training area as well as being given a tour of both the Old and New Colleges, where the majority of classroom-based teaching occurs.

They also had the opportunity to speak to a serving Captain of 44 Squadron the Royal Logistics Corps, based at Sandhurst, about his experience of the year-long course.

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One of the cadets who took part in the visit was Josh Griffiths, he said: “This was invaluable for us as we are all considering a military career of some kind, so to understand what life at Sandhurst entails gave us a better idea of our future.”

On the day of the Soverign’s Parade - the ceremony that marks the end of a year-long Army Officer Commissioning Course – the cadets played an active role handing out programmes to families as well as distinguished guests from Armed Forces across the world, who were in attendance.

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Josh added: “The parade itself was spectacular, with cadets from the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Divisions all performing with outstanding precision and panache. The Sovereign's representative, Army Chief of Staff General Sir Nicholas Carter, gave a speech that resonated not only with the officer cadets, but with us as well.

“Overall, it was an amazing two days with cadets from across the country, whom we have all become friends with, that both inspired and intrigued us to achieve our goals and more in the British Army in the future.”

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Any CCF Army sections that would like to take part in the next Sovereign’s Parade visit should look out for calling notices via Westminster. The next parades will take place in August and then December.