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Wellington College Enjoy Action-Packed Summer Camp After Two Years Off

Sam Wilson, CCF Contingent Commander from Wellington College reports on an action-packed summer camp.

Wellington College Enjoy Action-Packed Summer Camp After Two Years Off

14 July 2022

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Summer Camps

It was not without difficulty that we managed to host 207 year 10 cadets, in various locations across the UK, onto the annual CCF Summer camp. It was our original plan to have five camps. One Royal Navy camp in Weymouth, one RAF camp in Fairbourne, two Army camps in Chickerell and Capel Curig, and finally, one military skills camp in Bramley. For 60% of the camps (Royal Navy, RAF and miliary skills) this was fine. However, for our two Army camps we were not so lucky. The two Army camps had to run from Wellington College for the duration of the week.

Four of the five camps (military skills camp exempt) focussed on giving our students a memorable AT experience. Our wonderful adult instructors took cadets to activities, including: rock climbing; sailing; caving; coast steering; hiking; mountain biking; paintballing; laser tag; paddle boarding; canoeing; kayaking; shooting; water polo; tag archery; archery; raft building; survival and bushcraft. Due to the tempo of military training, our two Army camp locations were taken from us. Our Army cadets enjoyed the same activities as our other sections but based from Wellington College. From feedback, across the board, cadets thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The opportunity was given, to all our year 10 cadets, to attend a military skills camp. This was for cadets who wish to continue CCF into year 11, with a focus on joining the Royal Marine or Advanced Infantry sections. The camp was focused on the very basics: navigation; living in the field and tactics up to fireteam level. This simplicity allowed cadets to really master these three vital skills sets.

Having the opportunity to hold these camps, after two years away, made the experience for our cadets and volunteers even more special.

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Obstacle Course

The latest addition to the Wellington College CCF is the obstacle course. As a homage to Ian Frayne, Wellington College’s previous Contingent Commander, the ‘o course’ is now known as ‘Frayne’s Lanes of Pain’ (FLP). The course sees seven lung busting obstacles placed in a tight circuit, enclosed by 6-foot fencing and a double gate to allow access to plant and cadets.

The aim is to test cadets’ determination, accuracy, and fitness. The course was designed with all three anatomical planes in mind (sagittal, transverse and coronal). Cadets begin behind the start line, a 50m sprint form the double gated entrance of the course. ‘It pays to be a winner’ and FLP is no different. First to the double gates gets the inside lane and tackles the first obstacle, the tyres. 16 x 18” tyres need to be tip toed through before climbing the rising steps. A double footed landed from the steps sees students crawl through the ‘sewer tubes’ before shifting from an aggressive leopard crawl into a steady and dainty balance beam. A fall from the balance beam sees the cadet return to the start of the obstacle. Up next is the cargo net A frame. It’s a confidence test to get down the other side as quickly as possible but seconds can be won or lost here. The course now goes from two lanes to one, as cadets enter the slalom walls, working hard on there core and ankle strength. A swift exit from the slalom takes cadets onto the over and under walls/beams before leopard crawling into the final obstacle, the flat cargo net. This is the hardest of obstacles and requires the most skill, fitness, and determination. Most races are won or lost here.

FLP has been used, to great success, in inter house competition. We are looking to introducing it to a March and Shoot competition next year.