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Safeguarding and Governance

As part of our commitment to delivering the best possible experience to our cadets, the CCF takes the safeguarding of young people very seriously.

We do this against the MOD’s eight safeguarding standards published in their Safeguarding Framework. You can read about these here.

The Ministry of Defence sponsors the delivery of the Combined Cadet Force, providing a process of assurance and governance to ensure that cadets and adults are properly trained and supported when taking part in and delivering cadet activities.

The Combined Cadet Force Association (CCFA) is a national charity (charity number 1170994 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and SC048021 Scotland) dedicated to promoting the ideals and activities of the Combined Cadet Force (CCF). We provide a national forum for the CCF and their schools and CCFA is the body recognised by the Ministry of Defence, the head teachers’ organisations and other kindred authorities to carry out the following functions:

1. To act as advisers to the Ministry of Defence and other authorities, including the Head teachers’ organisations, on CCF matters in general.

2. To assume responsibility for CCF activities which fall outside the Ministry of Defence’s direct concern; to facilitate a Collective Insurance Scheme and to provide a point of contact where one is required with the Cadet Vocational Qualification Office, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, St John Ambulance, the Council for Cadet Rifle Shooting and other such bodies; to provide advice and assistance where possible to schools and members.

3. To provide for the CCF social and information services of a regimental association.

Membership of the Association comprises both contingents and individuals.

Complaints and Grievances Policy