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There's lots on offer in the CCF, with so many activities to choose from, there's bound to be something for everyone!

The CCF offers an exceptional range of exciting activities for cadets to enjoy. Each of the Services has its own specific activities, which will be an important focus – but there are also some aspects which are common across all of the Services.

As well as exciting and adventurous pursuits, many of the activities you take part in with the CCF are focused on helping you gain new skills, improve your teamwork, confidence and leadership.

Training will be split over parade evenings, field days, some weekend camps and courses, and Summer Camp. Parade evenings take place at the school and run once or twice a week. This provides the basic training across a number of different areas, which is then enhanced during field days and weekend training camps, where cadets will spend longer periods of time developing a particular skill or working towards a qualification.

There are lots of opportunities to gain recognised qualifications in disciplines like first aid, and the chance to take part in national programmes like the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme. CVQO offer a number of different vocational qualifications for cadets and adult volunteers and run a residential leadership course for cadets and adult volunteers across all the services.

Find out more about some of the key aspects of CCF training you can take part in as a cadet.